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Mercari (English)

2017/10/25 write still prosessing

I can write transaction but big problem is They only use Japanese
Most of Japanese people doesn't speak English
So you need google translate but sometimes google translate do something wrong translation

Comment negotiation "コメントでの交渉"

①if someone ask for discount

Hi, Thank you for your comment.
About discount, I can give you 850JPY.
    こんにちは、コメントをありがとうございます。 お値下げですが、850円であれば大丈夫です。
※if you translate Eng to Jap
"i can give you" and "i can offer you", is little bit wrong translation by google.
so you can use, "i can discount to 850 JPY" is better

 ★Most of ANSWER 
I'll think about it thank you.

  Yes plz

Sorry i cant discount.
Please kindly consider this matter.
    すみませんお値下げできません。 ご検討よろしくお願いします。

After buyer purchased "購入後"

①Ship out plan

Thank you for buy.
Item will send tomorrow.
    ご購入ありがとうございます。 明日、発送予定です。
※today - 本日
Mon - 月曜日
Tue - 火曜日
Wed - 水曜日
Thu - 木曜日
Fri - 金曜日
Sat - 土曜日
Sun - 日曜日

②Shipped out item

Item has been shipped out.
please accept it.
    商品を発送しました。 受け取りをお願いします。


①Good review
Thank you for buying.
Im grateful to know item arrived safely. 
Im looking forward for more opportunity.
    この度はご購入頂きありがとうございました(^^) 商品が無事到達したようで、安心致しました。 また機会がありましたらどうぞよろしくお願い致します!

MK-2 2017/10/22 write

Transaction page (seller part)

When somebody bought your Item, system will show you this page.
  Merukari Seller-transaction-1-1

Merukari Seller-transaction-1-2
Please ship
The item was purchased and paid. Please ship the item.

Merukari Seller-transaction-1-3
How to do after sold the item >
Seller Q&A >

③Notify the BUYER (Click RED button only when items have been SHIPPED) 
Merukari Seller-transaction-1-4
Shipped out items, send shipping notification to the BUYER

④Shipping method info
Merukari Seller-transaction-1-5
You can change shipping method to "RakuRakuMerukariBin"・"YuuYuuMerukariBin"
(※BUYER can't "Anonymous delivery"、"Receive at convenience stores"・"Receive at post office")

⑤Change shipping method
Merukari Seller-transaction-1-6ー
Changing shipping method

Merukari Seller-transaction-1-7
about "RakuRaku MerukariBin">
about "YuuYuu MerukariBin">

this is hard to explain.
its kinda shipping method by Merukari

⑦Transaction infomation
Merukari Seller-transaction-1-8
transaction infomation

MK-1 2017/10/13 writing

Translation of Merukari TOP Menu

This is TOP menu.
if you press ①~④ each button has functions.

①ToDo List - "やることリスト" [Yarukoto lisuto]


Merukari show you, what you need to do in here.
This time showing "3".So 3 things i have to do.

They have two kind of messages.
User さんから「Sold ITEM」の取引メッセージがあります。返信をお願いします。
There is a transaction message of 「Sold ITEM」 from "User".
Please reply. 

Uner さんが「Sold ITEM」を購入しました。内容を確認の上、発送をお願いします。
"User" purchased 「Sold Item」.
Please ship to "User", after checking the contents 「Sold ITEM」

Notification - "あなたへのお知らせ" [Anata Eno Oshirase]

Here is show you any notification from Merukari

Somebody liked your ITEM.

Somebody had commented your ITEM.

③Search Items

You can input keyword then you can search item in Merukari.

Saved search criteria

2017/09/28 wrote

Mercari is cheeper staff to buy things and also you can cell

This is how to use Mercari for call your things

Wire discription below explain pictures 

 "出品" - Sell


Press the "出品" - Sell button

①"写真" - Picture


"写真を撮る" - Take picture
"写真をライブラリから選択" - Choice from library
"下書き一覧へ" - Draft

Choice from from the above, then pick your picture Maximum 4pic

②"商品名と説明" - Product name and Description

"商品名" - Product name
"商品の説明" - Product description

Write about your sale stuff
What is it, when did you bought, how much you bought, wright, color, hight, materials, some part are Broken, like that

Better write in Japanese but if you don't know, Use Google Translate

③"商品の詳細" - Details


"カテゴリー" - Category
  They have so many categorys
  Please check here

"サイズ" - Size
"ブランド" - Brand
  Choice from list of brand

"商品の状態" - Item conditions
  ├"新品、未使用" - Brand new, Not used
  ├"未使用に近い" - Like Brand new
  ├"目立った傷や汚れなし" No Damage, No Scratch

④Shipping Fee- "配送料について"


"配送料の負担" - 
  Who bear the shipping fee
"配送の方法" - Shipping method
"発送元の地域" - 
"発送までの日数" - 

⑤Price - "販売価格"

"販売価格" - Selling price
  You can make price between 300JPY ~ 9,999,999JPY (999万9999円)

"販売手数料" - Sales commission
  If its solded item, Mercari takes system commission 10% from your price 

"販売利益" - Sales profit
  this is how much you can get from sale

◆for example
  3000JPY(Price) - 300JPY(Commission) = 2700JPY(Profit) 
  You earn 2700JPY 

This is how it work Mercari for sale
But they still have big problem.....

Most of Japanese dosent speak English....

・Brand new 新品
newですが、brand newではありません。
new 新しい (中古を含む)
brand new 新品 (中古ではない)